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October 22 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 4742
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13299 times.
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Metal Slug 6. What do you think of it?
It's not on the Neo Geo. IT'S NOT! It's not on the Neo Geo. IT'S NOT! 10%[1 Vote]
Never played it, seriously. Never played it, seriously. 10%[1 Vote]
The black sheep of the Metal Slug family. Awful. The black sheep of the Metal Slug family. Awful. 0%[0 Votes]
An OK game, but still no match for the original Slugs on the Neo! An OK game, but still no match for the original Slugs on the Neo! 0%[0 Votes]
A fantastic episode of a legendary series, give it a try! A fantastic episode of a legendary series, give it a try! 70%[7 Votes]
The best Metal Slug game out there, RAWKET LAWNCHAIR! The best Metal Slug game out there, RAWKET LAWNCHAIR! 10%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 10
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Metal Slug 6 - Game of the Week
Welcome to the Game of the Week!

Let's take the 180th GotW as an occasion to take a closer look at the last non-handheld-exclusive Metal Slug episode released in the Arcades. After SNK Playmore bid farewell to their trusty Neo Geo hardware in 2004 (with the final official game being Samurai Shodown V: Special) the developer team officially switched to Sega's/Sammy's platform Atomiswave. The new hardware already proved with Dolphin Blue in 2003 that fast and colorful run 'n guns still were fun and easily realizable.

So after many fans thought that with the controversial 5th episode the series came to an end, SNK Playmore once more hit the Metal Slug fanbase with a new full-scale Arcade release. Metal Slug 6 was considered as a smooth, fast and polished entry to the series, but of course without overcoming the perfection that Metal Slug 3 was. While Metal Slug 6 got its own PS2 port in Japan, players outside of Nippon could only acquire it through buying the Metal Slug Anthology released on the PS2, Wii, PSP and PC.

Metal Slug 6

Genre: Run 'n Gun
Players: 2
Size: n/a
Released on: Arcade (Atomiswave), PS2, PSP, Wii, PC

Brief Description:

Metal Slug 6 is a run and gun video game for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade platform in the Metal Slug series. It was the first main game in the franchise not to run on SNK's Neo Geo MVS arcade hardware. New features, weapons and slugs were introduced. Characters could now throw away one gun power-up's worth of ammunition, to give to the other player or simply discard altogether. A secondary melee attack is also available. Metal Slug 6 introduces a new play mechanic dubbed the 'Weapon Stock System'. Two gun power-ups can now be carried at the same time. Players can switch between the two weapons, or simply put them both away in favor of the default weapon.



Metal Slug 6 review by timrod


YouTube Video

High Score Challenge:

Anyone interested? Well, if that's the case, please write so in your post or send Priest or Murikov a PM.

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Yes, another GotW, and it took longer than necessary...>_>

Anyways, MS6 is a good addition to the series with good/bad issues that I know some are either happy or sad to know how it goes, but at least the variety is there. This also makes the debut of the Ikari Warriors (Ralf/Clark) as playable characters in MS6. (And then return in 7/XX with Leona, lol.)

Not only that, the characters themselves aren't as aesthetic as they are, since they now have their own special abilities.

Marco = Shot Power / Tarma = Vehicle Abilities
Eri = Grenade Abilities / Fio = Extra Ammo
Ralf = Extra Hit Point and Fast Melee/VP. / Clark = UA Backbreaker (lol)

But as the previous MS games are, yes its difficult, but practice makes perfect.
I really like this game (I've got the Atomiswave version), but it does have some small issues when compared to earlier Slugs. I think the color palette is a bit drab and I miss the red the AW version the blood is white. The music is pretty good, but again not as good as the music from the earlier Slugs. It's worthy of the Metal Slug title.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
My initial feeling on this is 'It's not on Neo Geo so why bother?'. Watching the vid though it looks quite decent (although like Cthulhu says the palette is a little drab ) Metal Slug 1 is one of the best games ever and some of the others are worthy of the name but there's so much re-use of sprites between games and its always the same sort of experience. After 5 games did we really need any more? I can't help thinking they should be changing the location and sprites to completely refresh the experience.

Having said that people still buy them and maybe if this is your first Slug game you would probably be pretty happy. Looks ok Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
The fact that the characters actually have differences alone makes this a worthy entry to the series. How did it take them 6 games to implement that?

Anyway, it's hard to compare Metal Slug games for me since they're all so similar yet still so great. This entry probably isn't going to be anyone's favorite, but it's still fantastic and is definitely worth your time. It's Metal Slug. You can't go wrong.

...unless it's in 3D of course.Thumbs Down
At last, I got a chance to play this game., on the PS2 Anthology.

Things that stood out: The different advantages of each player. Ralf and Clark fit perfectly. The enemies are pretty good, one being a tribute to Gunforce II. They actually threw in an alternate route AND alternate ending. The ability to select what weapon to use or not use. The last boss was pretty well done. You can get Root Mars to fight on your side, so awesome!

All in all, I really liked it.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
green beret
Well worth to be a member of Neo Geo's Metal Slug series. I think this chapter is very very little behind the first three episodes and on par as enjoyable as the fifth. Still far better than four (and 7 on DS). I own the Atomiswave version and think colors are more vibrant than in the emulated Anthology series. I also own 2,3 and 5 on AES while the 1st episode on MVS. Highly recommended for series funs
Since this sequel was quite elusive outside Japan, I'm just wondering who has had the opportunity to play MS6 co-op? I have the anthology for Wii, but the controls suck big time, unless having a Gamecube pad, Classic Controller/Pro or fabled Japanese-exclusive Neo-Geo Stick 2. Is it worth picking up another traditional controller just for two player MS6 on the Wii?
shion wrote:

Since this sequel was quite elusive outside Japan, I'm just wondering who has had the opportunity to play MS6 co-op?

I played both the Wii and PSP version in co-op mode (MS Anthology), it's been a few years ago though. I remember playing it with the original Wii controller too, haha, so I get ya.

I still think that MS6 is a darn good game, even compared to the first three installments. The alternative routes are a nice replay bonus too, although they aren't that great as let's say in MS3.

But other than that I'm not sure if it's worth getting an extra controller for this game only. Don't forget that you'll be able to see the ending after a little bit less than an hour - and even then you have to ask yourself how soon you'll do the next playthrough in co-op mode.

But if you want to use it for other games on the Wii as well, why not?

And don't forget that the MS Anthology (including MS6) was ported to pretty much every console (even PC!). If you own another console you like ergonomically better, you can get yourself a cheap second-hand copy for that one. Depending on the case that would turn out cheaper than a new controller for the Wii.
muri, thanks for the heads up regarding the pc compilation. (it's called 'collection pc', a uk release I had no idea existed until now). do you know if this has netplay?

just an update on my controller situation with wii: what a mess! anthology doesn't support classic controller, just a gc controller and only the analog nub. Annoyed i decided to buy a pelican 'tournament ready' gc controller for ms6 and homebrew applications. it turns out the pcb or pic or what is in the thing is not detectable to the wii (i later learned not all third party gc controllers are compatible with the wii, this must be one). this is turning out to be too much of a hassle. btw pm me if anyone is looking for a pelican 'tournament ready' gamecube controller. bottom line: ps2 ver. seems the most accessible and sensible way to go.
Edited by shion on 07. May 2017 19:29
No Shion, the Anthology/Collection PC version does not have netplay, but at least there's a stable version of MS6 people can play on toaster PC's that emulation probably makes it harder to get it running.
shion wrote:muri, thanks for the heads up regarding the pc compilation. (it's called 'collection pc', a uk release I had no idea existed until now). do you know if this has netplay?

The only official netplay-compatible PC ports are the ones ported by DotEmu and published by SNKP on Steam:


So far they only ported Metal Slug 1, 2 and 3. Personally I haven't tried the netplay mode yet, but judging from the reviews we shoudn't expect too much (since it's DotEmu we're talking of).

Unofficially there's still Kaillera of course, but Metal Slug 6 is still uncompatible with Mame since it's Atomiswave and all. I'm also not aware about other emulators being able to make it run on netplay.

It's a real shame that MS6 and 7/XX are still so unaccessible to many players. It annoys me as well.
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