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November 15 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
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Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid. What do you think of it?
Tetris without the Tetris theme? Count me out! t(-_-t) Tetris without the Tetris theme? Count me out! t(-_-t) 0%[0 Votes]
Never got my hands on it, sorry! Never got my hands on it, sorry! 0%[0 Votes]
Puzzle my a**, this is a complete waste of 22 MEGS! Puzzle my a**, this is a complete waste of 22 MEGS! 0%[0 Votes]
Nothing extraordinary here, just pure average... Nothing extraordinary here, just pure average... 33%[2 Votes]
Good, good, not bad for a launch title. Good, good, not bad for a launch title. 67%[4 Votes]
The best Puzzle game for the Neo Geo! The best Puzzle game for the Neo Geo! 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 6
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Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid - Game of the Week
Welcome to the Game of the Week!

Always wanted to play Tetris on SNK's famous Arcade platform? Admittedly there's no official port of Alexey Pajitnov's legendary classic, but SNK weren't a long time coming with a clone. So in 1990, in the earliest era of the Neo Geo, they released Puzzled (or Joy Joy Kid in Japan) for the MVS. With only 22 MEGS it is actually the smallest game of the whole Neo Geo library (unofficially it's Diggerman with only 11 MEGS).

So basically Puzzled is a Tetris clone with the difference that you have to clear the passage upwards by clearing lines of blocks, so your balloon can float to the top of the screen.

Does anyone remember seeing this game when it came out? Alongside with Nam 1975, Magician Lord or Baseball Stars, Puzzled can actually be considered as a launch title for our favorite arcade platform.

Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid

Genre: Puzzle
Players: 2
Size: 22 MEGS
Released on: MVS, AES, NGCD, Mobile

Brief Description:

Puzzled, known as Joy Joy Kid in Japan, is a 1990 falling block puzzle game (i.e. a Tetris clone) developed for the Neo Geo by SNK. It was released for a home port in 1994 and again as a mobile game in 2008. Players have to clear the floating line of blocks surrounding him or her by using the falling blocks to destroy them. Leftover blocks carry over and affects the lines below it for possible chain reactions. Unlike Tetris, the goal of each stage is to create a passage for the player's balloon, so he can reach the top of the screen.



Puzzled review by Kazuya_UK
Puzzled review by Tibe


YouTube Video

High Score Challenge:

I'm not sure if there's actually any interest for a HSC this time, although the game could be quite competitive. If you guys are up for it, please leave, like always, an according post or send Priest a PM.

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Edited by Murikov on 01. September 2013 22:17
If it wasn't for the Neo-Geo X I'd probably never have played this game. But, i found it entertaining. I just got angry at it.
That this is the first Neo Geo puzzler I've picked up for my AES probably works in it's favor. That I managed to do so for less than $50 helps too. Wink

Not bad at all for the genre, but Puzzled is certainly no showpiece of the hardware's capabilities. The audio/visual presentation is simple and (if little else) gets the job done. I can't help but feel SNK really "phoned it in" on the graphics and sound- there's no reason they couldn't have stepped it up significantly in its presentation. That said, the gameplay is solid (with the exception of only being able to rotate falling puzzle pieces in one direction). Bear in mind, though many elements are strongly reminiscent of Tetris, your goal here is quite different- freeing a character imprisoned within the block structures of each board. Attempting to play this game with a "Tetris-style" strategy will quickly lead to your defeat.

The game provides an interesting twist that can be you saving grace in bad situations- there is a charge-meter that fills with each successful row elimination that enables the imprisoned balloon/blimp character to unleash a destructive blast, damaging or destroying the structures around it in a localized radius, the power and range of which depending on how far you've filled the charge-meter. It's a great last resort if you're really in a bind. Additionally, when you fail to clear a board and your game ends, any unused charge that you've accumulated carries over into your next attempt.

In Puzzled, it can be extremely difficult to avoid disaster when the pieces begin falling increasingly faster once enough time elapses. You can often sense imminent defeat approaching well in advance- frequently far enough to identify the point where everything went wrong and providing a lesson on mistakes to avoid in future attempts. That said, the absurd extent of speed increases is one significant gripe a have with Puzzled- spend too much time on a particular board and eventually pieces will fall so fast that, if your charge-meter is empty, there is literally nothing you can do but watch the board clutter it's way to the "Game Over" screen. That I often feel compelled to give it another go immediately afterwards certainly speaks for this title's quality of gameplay.

Puzzled achieves a successful balance of enjoyment, accomplishment and frustration that makes for a solid, if underwhelming puzzle game. It's at least worth trying out via emulation if you enjoy this type of game. For me, it's a sufficient representative of the falling-block puzzle genre until the day I finally get my hands on a copy of Magical Drop 3! Thumbs Up
Thanks Chiba for your mini-review, only the final score is missing Wink
After some doubts, I'm close to get this for one MVS. I know it will not be very special, but I'm just looking for another decent puzzler. Your opinion corresponds with most on the net.
Can't go wrong with this one I guess. It's remarkable the action packed Neo Geo holds quite a lot puzzle titles.
@ Sensi: If you can get the MVS version for less than $50 (don't pay any more than that for this game), I'd say go for it! Just keep your expectations low and you should find some enjoyment here. You may find Puzzled a nice occasional alternative to the bigger, higher-profile Neo Geo puzzle games that's certainly worth a play session now and again. No frills to be found in the presentation of this title. It's only 22 megs and honestly, I'm surprised the count is that high. Knowing what can be crammed into a 16 meg cart on the Genesis or SNES, I'd expect a 22 meg Neo cart to impress a bit more than Puzzled does. Simple, certainly, but decent and worth a look for fans of "falling-block" puzzlers. If the price is right, it's a nice little game to add to your Neo library. Wink
Thanks for mentioning the price, it should be good to keep it in mind.
I dealt already with the same seller, I'm confident it will play out right.
No 701 MEGS expectations Wink Although, when you think of it; it's a shame SNK didn't ever release a Pocket Fighter like puzzle game (with for example SNK/Capcom characters).
Imagine a colourful puzzle game with big characters at the side going ape shit, fireballs, moves, explosions and cute animations.
I have this in my NGCD collection but don't play it any more. Nothing particularly wrong with the game but nothing special about it either. A very average game. Even though it was an early Neo Geo title the graphics should have been a bit better.

I just don't feel any desire to play this when there are many superior arcade puzzle games I could be playing e.g. Uo Poko, Magical Drop 3, Money Idol Exchanger, Cleopatra Fortune, LandMaker, Don't Pull, etc.

For anyone who wants some high quality Neo Geo puzzle action and is put off by the high prices I would suggest getting Magical Drop 3 for Saturn. A great version and quite cheap.
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