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December 16 2019

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 4511
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Game of the Week: Sasuke vs. Commander
A more catchy, Western title would be: Samurai vs. Ninjas, or Sasuke for Commander

What is Sasuke? It's a gender neutral name of a person. The inclusion of vs. is probably Engrish for helping. Sasuke is likely a female spy for the army. Still with me? She is ordered to protect a shogun by eliminating the imminent threat of ninjas around. Sasuke decides to take the fight to the ninjas, and ambushes them in the very hills they dwell. The setting is amusing: nineteenth century Japan, in the hills where ninjas presumably lived. The gameplay derives from Space Invaders. However, instead of spaceships, the screen is filled with Japanese warriors. The player can only move his character from left to right, not in any direction. Arguably, this is the precursor to newer games that feature people instead of spaceships in a vertical spaceship shooter setting. For example, Espgaluda and KOF Sky Stage. Being ground-based shooting, the style of SVC could be classified as run 'n' gun, but only as a novelty of course. The game does get repetitive quickly, and one soon realizes the purpose of playing is simply for a high score. Wouldn't this make a great HSC? There are just two enemies that occupy most of the playtime: red and green ninjas. The lightning effects were notably cool, if not seizure inducing. What little sound is there is quite bad. The sounds of the falling ninjas become annoying quickly. I believe the game doesn't have an ending; reaching the end will probably mean eliciting a kill screen. If you don't remember seeing it in the arcades, you are correct; it was a Japan-only release. As of this writing, SVC has never been released in the West. However, in '11, it was included in a PSP Asian compilation titled, SNK Arcade Classics 0.
One of the first instances where a game has a boss (big ninja). I believe magic means bonus points.
Not only must the player dodge ninja stars, but also avoid the vengeful spirits of the defeated (purple ninjas diving straight down). Sasuke is possibly the first female lead character in a video game.
I assume the ninjas want to assassinate the ruler because he is corrupt (why else)?Does that make the player the bad guy?

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Edited by shion on 25. July 2013 06:35
Have this on my PSP, but not exactly my cup of tea. If I remember correctly the game is also quite hard, especially playing on a small screen. Prefer Space Invaders over this one.
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