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December 10 2019

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Thread Author: Murikov
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Garou: Mark of Wolves. What do you think of it?
ARE YOU OK?! ARE YOU OK?! 6%[1 Vote]
How come I've never played this game? How come I've never played this game? 0%[0 Votes]
What's the hype all about? Garou is utter crap! What's the hype all about? Garou is utter crap! 0%[0 Votes]
It's average, quite overrated for my tastes. It's average, quite overrated for my tastes. 6%[1 Vote]
My words cannot describe the awesomeness this game is. Sorry. My words cannot describe the awesomeness this game is. Sorry. 50%[8 Votes]
Without question, the best fighting game on the Neo Geo! Without question, the best fighting game on the Neo Geo! 38%[6 Votes]
Total Votes : 16
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Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Game of the Week
Welcome to the Game of the Week!

Wohoo, we're celebrating the 150th GOTW, and this week we're covering one of the Neo Geo's most popular and groundbreaking fighting games. No, I'm not talking of the ingenuity that Fight Fever is, in this week's GOTW a certain tramp with a brown leather jacket and an a wide range of awesome moves plays a significant role...

In 1999 SNK sent Terry Bogard and 13 completely new characters into a final, brilliant entry of the Fatal Fury series. After the 64-Bit detour that Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition was, it was again SNK's time to show off its team's talent in creating hand-drawn 2D sprites and fluid animations. Nonetheless Capcom already proved with the Street Fighter III trilogy that gorgeous 2D fighting games with an extraordinary presentation still were possible by the end of the '90s, an era where the hype of traditional fighting game was already cooling off.

The result was truly outstanding, gameplay-wise and graphically the new entry was praised to the skies. SNK indeed never managed to feed a cardrige with so many MEGS before, 688 in total. It was the game that catapulted both Neo Geo aficionados and fighting game fans into the seventh heaven and marked a milestone of SNK's long history, before they shut down their business one year later. It's the one and only...

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2
Size: 688 MEGS
Released on: MVS, AES, DC, PS2, XBLA

Brief Description:

Garou: Mark of the Wolves (sometimes abbreviated Garou, Mark of the Wolves or MOTW) is a 1999 fighting game produced by SNK. It is the ninth and final game in the Fatal Fury series, set ten years after the death of Geese Howard in Real Bout Fatal Fury. The game is known for pushing the capabilities of the Neo Geo to their limits. While the Neo Geo is completely incapable of rendering 3D graphics and semi-transparency, the game uses some of the most advanced strictly 2D graphical techniques to give the illusion that both are taking place. Garou: Mark of the Wolves general gameplay mechanics and art style are changed to more closely resemble SNK's The King of Fighters series than the Fatal Fury series. The exclusion of pseudo-3D sidestepping, button layout, music, and the collision detection are all factors that are more styled like the King of Fighters than Fatal Fury.



Garou: Mark of the Wolves review by Kazuya_UK
Garou: Mark of the Wolves review by Tibe


YouTube Video

High Score Challenge:


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Edited by priest on 20. May 2013 22:18
As awesome as MotW is as the 150th GotW, I'll put up the top vote for best fighter on it, lol. Wink

Other than that, I'm speechless on how the game is, its so good. :3

And yes, obligatory HSC incoming soon, and yes, I'll be fair, lol. Wink

(Incoming RunningWild soon...) :3
I want to say I like a few other Neo fighters better just because I like to root for the underdog. And I do absolutely love games like Breakers Revenge, Waku Waku 7, and Matrimelee but there is not a fighter in existence that can measure up to Garou. Neo Geo or otherwise.

Much like Capcom's SFIII, SNK ditched almost all of the Fatal Fury characters we know and love in favor of a new, unique cast. Unlike SFIII though these new characters are all spectacular. The art style makes the game look better than anything else on the Neo, the music is great, and it controls like a dream. It has new and innovative mechanics with the TOP System and Just Defense that both add depth while still remaining accessible to newcomers (unlike SFIII's parrying which is like ramming your head against a brick wall for newcomers and, some would argue, actually removes some depth from the game).

I didn't mean to make this post Garou Vs SFIII (I think we've already had that thread). SFIII is great on many levels and deserves much of the praise it receives. I was simply trying to make one point. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is perfect.

Also, while I am greatly out of practice we definitely need a High Score Challenge for this one.
I voted for it being the best Vs Fighter on the system..... along with Last Blade 1 & 2 it's one of the main reasons for owning a Neo•Geo.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO•GEO Pocket Collection Headbang
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Running Wild
It's a solidNeo Geo fighting game, but I think it's overrated, and most of the reasons for that is because Street Fighter fans like this game because it plays just like Street Fighter, not like a SNK game.

Taking away the mechanic that made the Fatal Fury series so original and innovative, the dual fighting planes, leaves the game with little originality in terms of fighting system. Guard Cancels restricted to being used only during Just Defense, makes them difficult to use for newcomers, and I think Break Moves are and Feint Cancels are too good for what they are, a way to resume piling on offense without having to stop at all, with no costs or anything. Guilty Gear rectified this by having a similar mechanic, but it cost meters.

In terms of balance, it's pretty wonky. Kevin is just too good, and I'd argue that even the playable bosses are extremely strong. I think the damage is just way too high in this game though, moreso than even old school KOF. A 2-hit combo can result in half your life gone.

Gameplay side, graphically, the game is a marvel, and the audio is excellent as well. Overall, it's a solid fighting game, but when people say it's the best fighting game on the Neo-Geo, I think you can do much better (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2). This game also marks one of the greatest evolutions of a fighting game character, SNK did a great job reinventing Terry for this game, and alot of the new characters are great and memorable (B.Jenet). I would of liked to have more classic Fatal Fury mainstays though, like Andy, Mai, Joe and Duck King.
reelmojo wrote:
Also, while I am greatly out of practice we definitely need a High Score Challenge for this one.

Already sent a PM to Priest, thanks for requesting! Though Priest seems to be absent for a longer time. If he doesn't show up this week or the following, I'll put the HSC up by myself.

As for the game itself, I think there's not much explanation needed. Truly a gorgeous bunch of MEGS, be it visually or gameplay-wise. But I agree with Running Wild about the mechanic though, seems really Street Fighter-ish with all these double QCF Super Moves. Therefore it's no wonder it became quite popular among fighting game enthusiasts who normally aren't into the KoF of FF series, i.e. Capcom followers.

From my point of view, MOTW isn't as perfect as KoF '98 or Last Blade, but it still stands as a fantastic title in the Neo library, without a doubt.
HSC is now up and runningThumbs Up

I updated the main post in this thread too...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I don't think Garou is an overrated game. One of the greatest fighting games ever but not the best on Neo Geo. The best is KOF 98. I voted My words cannot describe...

priest wrote:

HSC is now up and runningThumbs Up

No ,HSC is now up and Running Wild Smile
A lot of people in Neo Geo land seem to be down on this game but for ages it was my fav fighting game on Neo Geo. The animation and music are both amazing, and the fighting is very tight. You can have some great fights in this game.

Probably not the best NG fighter but you wouldnt argue if someone said it was. If anything I'd say it is under-rated these days

The only thing I was a little disappointed in was the sprites are quite small. Although maybe this was necessary because of the huge number of animation frames in the game. Since even with the smaller fighters it was a very big cartridge for the time it was released
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Having the Kapwhan sons in one place...without question one of the best fighters around!!!
Finally, the mighty Garou is GOTW! Great, great fighter. Gorgeous visuals, phenomenal gameplay and an ideal representation of SNK's impeccable attention to the tiniest of details. Hardly a flaw to be found but nonetheless Garou does not stand head and shoulders above all other comers on the Neo- the system just has so many great fighters of nearly, or in some cases equal caliber. For me, this game must share the spotlight with Real Bout 2, Last Blade 2 and KOF '99.

It's fantastic, but an entirely different beast from the previous Fatal Fury installments I know and love- so much so that its somewhat difficult for me to connect it through very many familiar elements to the other FF games. For me, Garou is kind of a standalone fighter in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and tone for these reasons. RB2 just barely edges it out IMO since it just "feels" more like the archetype SNK fighter I find the most familiar and enjoyable, and more representative of the Neo Geo's legacy. Garou is more of an evolutionary milestone and definitive testament to the Neo's technical capabilities as well as the richly talented, creative minds of SNK's dev teams. While a pinnacle achievement and thusly, best ever in the eyes of many, I can find equal or even greater fun in a select few titles. That's why I consider Garou one of the absolute best fighters ever, though by no means a peerless one.

That said, the non-narrated, pre-title screen intro segment is probably my favorite in an SNK fighter, rivaled only by Last Blade 2's.
I was playing this game last night and never realized until then how short this game is. It did not take long at all to get through all the characters. I agree that it is a beautiful game and great play mechanics, but the 1p game is rather lacking. Unfortunately the 1P game is about all I get a chance to play these days.
I never really was a huge fighting fan, but something about Garou really drew in. I always loved the presentation of the game: the animation, sound, and design were all superb. Another huge draw for me was the control scheme; I always thought it was one of the easiest fighters to pick up and play, but so difficult to master. The supers and special were fairly easy to do, which made the game exciting and very playable to anyone who knew fighters. Many fighters have such complex combo systems that I never really want to learn the dynamics of the games. For the most part, all the characters in Garou play similarly, so it's reasonable for one to be decent with multiple characters. Garou is my all time favorite fighter, and I own it for Dreamcast and MVS. Wish there were more people still playing these kinds of games Real Sad
lee gray
I do like the game and love the stage intros and gameplay but it is too short and the sprites are a bit small and not enough characters but overall its excellent, I even got a miracle on it a couple of weeks back which is the first time in years since I got one.
eccentric cat
Garou's such an awesome game, and easily one of my favourites on the NeoGeo. Its just one of those fighting games you can pick up and play, and play through the whole game when you're doing really, really well.

Only flaw I can think of is Kevin being really cheap. I do agree with RunningWild, though, its probably not the best on the NeoGeo (it is the most beginner friendly game on the system, I think), and there are still some great gems on it
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
As Mojo implied, it's hard talking about this one without mentioning SF3. The fluid animations are definitely a response to the animations in Capcom's self proclaimed magnum opus.

As others have pointed out, I'm glad Wild brought up the lack of planes — the signature component of the series — instead of just pouring on random praise. An original fan knows this is what FF is all about. It does bug me they replaced this with a roll button.

Nevertheless, Garou is solid, well polished game!
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