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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 1361
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There are 28 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 16621 times.  There's also files attached.
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Street Fighter II HD Now/Soon (bad news UK players)

Well, SF2 HD should be available to download right now for the PS3... but only in the states! It seems it's been put back "indefinitely" in the UK, with no reason as to why, but no-one knows if this goes for the rest of Europe too:

I was about to buy it as I wanted the PS3 version because my PS2 arcade sticks will work though a USB convertor, but now I have no idea when I'll be able to get it. Ah well, I guess I'm just gonna pick up the 360 version tomorrow when it comes out instead! I wonder if M$ have anything to do with this, they have paid money to get timed exclusives on the 360 before (Rock Band springs to mind)... or maybe it's Sony UK's approval process or something. I really have no idea but it is very strange!

Anyways, back on topic. Anyone else getting this? I am actually really looking forward to it! Grin It's also my day off tomorrow so I will have some free time to play it!

Kazuya_UK attached the following images:
sf2hd_1.jpg sf2hd2.jpg sf2hd1.jpg

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 26. November 2008 00:06
I'm getting this as soon as possible. I've been following news about this game for a long time and I can't wait to get my ass handed to me on XBox Live. The fact that OCR did the soundtrack, a community I've been a part of for years, makes it even sweeter.
wow i havn't looked into this game much but im impressed i think it could give street fighter 4 a run for its money though in my game library, i shall be definately purchasing this when its available
I'll be getting ASAIGP which means As Soon As I Get Paid. Which should be by tomorrow midnight. I am just glad I got my US account fixed up ahead of time because I could smell the usual EU shafting coming from a billion miles away. It's like they're expecting us to be thankful that they even release games here.

But at least us PS3 owners will be able to download the AST for free. Well... if you make up an American account that is. OCR and the Blood on the Asphalt albums are both super sweet =D
Edited by HexElf on 26. November 2008 00:49
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
I'll probably pick it up before my Thanksgiving break ends. Honestly it took so long to come out I almost forgot about it.
Well, that's kinda gay. I downloaded the trial for the 360 just to have a quick look, and it seems it only allows multiplayer... why the hell they'd do a trial that doesn't let you sample a couple of fights in single player I have NO idea. Oh well, I just bought the full game anyway.

Will post thoughts later on... Smile

OK, here's a few very brief impressions. I have only played as Ryu and Ken so far (shoto whore yes I know Pfft), but have played most of the way through and seen a lot of the stages/heard a lot of the remixed music.


Despite reservation at early screenshots, I think the background look great, or at least most of them do. The only one that stands out as being bad so far is Dhalsims, the elephants in the background just look crap, and it's really plain and boring. The rest look quite good imho.

As for the sprites, again, they look very good for the most part. Cammy is my least favourite though, something about her just looks wrong, her face is a bit weird for a start. The other bad aspect (and I knew it would be like this), is that because the animation is the same as it always was, it's especially noticeable with hi-res graphics. You don't see it much when in the heat of battle, but some of the standing animations look horrible; Ryu's is one of the worst. I know they couldn't change the animation in game as it would have messed up the timing, but it would have been nice if they could have changed the standing animations a little bit so it didn't look so bad. Picky maybe, but it does stand out a bit!


Sound effects are what you would expect, no real change there. The remixed music is very nice though, but I can't help but feel some of the charm of the original has been lost. I felt the same way with the arranged soundtracks that Capcom themselves made though, so as much as I really enjoy the stuff OC Remix has done here, I will probably stick to the original music (personal choice though, many may feel different). The original music is ripped straight from the CPS2, and I think my preferred choice.


You already know exactly how it is going to play, although I can't say too much about the "HD Remix" mode as I haven't played it enough to notice much of a difference. Will probably say more about this later on. Can't wait to get online though - anyone else getting the 360 version?

I do have a major issue though, which I have had with every 360 fighter so far: the d-pad! I wanted the PS3 version originally as I have arcade sticks I could have used, but due to it being delayed for the UK I got the 360 version instead, and we all know how bad the 360's d-pad is for fighting games. The sooner I can find a stick or at least a decent pad, the better!

Classic Mode:

One last thing I will mention: if you have a HD TV, do not, repeat DO NOT enable classic graphics. The only stages included are the redrawn ones, and placing the original sprites on HD backgrounds does not have nice results (it may not look as bad on a CRT though). See the attached photos I took below... it looks bad on those, but HORRIBLE in motion. Trust me on this one! Smile

Overall I would definitely recommend the game so far. If you are burnt out on SF2 then don't bother as it's just a new coat of paint really with some gameplay adjustments, but if you want a good nostalgic blast from the past I think it's worth the cash. You might want to try the demo first however, even if the demo is stuck to multiplayer, you will at least be able to see how it looks.

Just FYI it's about 363mb on the 360, not sure how big the PS3 download is.

Kazuya_UK attached the following images:
26112008182.jpg 26112008181.jpg

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 26. November 2008 13:45
OK one more thing to add: online seems super smooth! Thank you GGPO! Grin

edit: VERY sweet indeed. I played 6 games (won 5 lost 1 btw Grin), and with 2 spectators, and there was not one hint of slodown or lag in those games. SNK, Capcom, and indeed any company releasing fighting games should look at using GGPO for their netcode. I'm extremely impressed.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 26. November 2008 13:17
Thanks for the information Kaz and well played! I will get this game when I get a 360. I got out the SNES/SFC version a couple of weeks back and it was a bit of a disappointment - slow and didn't look so good. Its a shame I remembered it as being amazing. This new version will be a good replacement!
ive got this game today and i have been enjoying getting my arse handed to on xbox live. if anyone wants to add me and challenge me my name is rob502
The game is amazing. It would have been worth full retail price, and at $15 it's a steal. Probably the best game on the XBLA.

My Gamertag is Caleb Kinkaid (me real name, incidentally) if anyone wants to add me and kick my ass. I'm gonna go play more single player to practice.

One more thing, I could not be happier with the changes made to Cammy, my favorite character. She's strong enough now that I can viably use her online and have no excuse when I lose anyway.
I want to purchase this game for ps3 but there is no psn store for Turkey. I have a US account but when i try to purchase with my credit card it says my card information is invalid. I searched for ways to get it from US store but it didn't work. Also there are psn cards on ebay 20$ is for 26$ Shrug Seller says card number will be sent with email. Anyone knws if i can get this game with psn cards.
Powerwave wrote:
ive got this game today and i have been enjoying getting my arse handed to on xbox live. if anyone wants to add me and challenge me my name is rob502

Added... will play some time soon! Smile

mine is "Kazuya UK" as you have all probably seen from my sig (with a space and not underscore _). Feel free to add me if I'm not on your friends list yet.

Zakatek: I think there is a way of doing it but I'm not sure. I think it's because you have to have a US registered credit card for it to work, otherwise it won't let you add funds. I'd do some googling for info, I know it's been discussed in a lot of places because UK people had to do something to download Rock Band tracks when they bought the game on import before it was released here.

Zangief owns now.

...and I used to hate him.
Not tried him yet... will add you on Live in a bit btw mojo, can't play tonight but definitely would love some games with you guys soon! Will anyone be around on Sunday if we have a chat meet, cos we could co-ordinate some SF2HD games from the chat meet too! Smile

God the online is smooth though, it kicks ass! Headbang

i shall add you guys when i get the chance
Complete list of changes in the remix mode as well as the reasoning behind them, check it out!
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix review

The good

- The new more lenient controls makes the special moves easier to do. This makes a world of difference for some characters like the grapplers and Cammy.

- I really like how the rebalancing was made and I strongly believe it does help some characters that were needing it badly. T. Hawk as an example is like a whole new character and now without his ugly glitched hitbox, as is the new tournament friendly Akuma (with a new revised super and a cool new air fireball) who doesn't automatically gain an advantage over everyone in the game. Even Fei Long has some cool new toys to play with and became a lot more fun to use now. And best of all? No Old Sagat to break some matches with endless tiger shots.

- The new graphics does more than just add high deffinition to the game. It also fixes an old problem I had with the old version where the many sprites introduced in Super and ST were vastly superior to some of the old standard sprites which only served to make the graphical style incredibly inconsistent between moves.

I also really hated how Sagat used to look before with his flat legs and ugly head. The game looks great now, with added effects to make certain special moves more dynamic.

- The AST not only adds a whole bunch of cool remixed songs to give the game a fresh and modern sound but it also fixes some old issues like the announcer who everybody hated (he sounds a lot more manly now) and also in a similar fashion Guile doesn't scream "sonic boom" like a girl anymore.

There were even fixes in the sound department to help Blanka (his Blanka balls all rotate and sound the same now, making it harder for the opponent to see which one is coming) and nerf Zangief (to keep his different lariats from being a mindless guessing game)

- The game includes new quotes, new reworked endings (all up to date with the current canon) and easier single player difficulty. All to make the revisit that much more enjoyable.

- Online play is optimized to whole new levels, with tournament options and what I believe to be the best network coding you can get today. In either case, it sure beats playing ST online on the Dreamcast which was limited at best and almost solely limited to Japan.

The odd

- The in game movelists uses tourney player styled Street Fighter lingo. As such some move names appear very odd and hardly canon by Capcom standards (Chun-Li's anti-air special is called simply "up kick" for one) which I guess is meant to help people "get in there" but it looks really funny to me. Maybe I studied the actual Japanese move names too hard? =P

The bad

Here are the two major issues I have with the game and even with the above praise I can tell you right now that it won't be pretty.

- The game features some of the most broken and infuriating AI that I have ever come across. The AI loves to play keep away all day, so much that if you just stand there the AI will often continue mindlessly spamming keep out moves or back jumps for an eternity before it catches on and does something else. Once it does the AI likes to rape you in corners and use auto-counters with fiendish precision to keep you in place.

On the same note however once you learn that fireballs and throws are your friends (considering that both tend to have a reach of five screen lengths) you will find that spamming fireballs til the end of days and throwing whenever you can will help you a lot. The AI will still be a bitch on the harder levels and it may not help you to aquire these strategies for VS matches but you will find that using normal throws rather than special throws and spamming projectiles rather than jump-ins or even proper cross-up attempts will do a world of difference from time to time.

Do note that the single player AI, while frustrating, doesn't have that much impact considering that the game is intended for VS play. You also get your ending while playing on the easy setting so if you just want to have a look at them you can tone down the AI slightly and it will give you an easier time.

- And now the most visible and important drawback. For all the tweaks, bells and whistles they put into the game this is just another tuned up version of a game that was released over 15 years ago. This can be enough to make or break the game for anyone and even work to completely negate almost all of the fancy features mentioned above. If you liked ST then you will like this game, if you didn't then you won't.

Score: 6/10

So do I like the game? Sadly no. I was really looking forward to this game for the longest time and on paper the game really had everything going for it. Udon did the graphics, the OC community did the music and Sirlin's effort to balance the game is truly remarkable. I personally never cared much for ST in any version and always liked the sequels a lot more but still I kept telling myself that this new version with all the tweaks and finally getting the original colors back would make all the difference, but no. I was horribly underwhelmed by this game.

In the end SSF2THDR (as the real abbrevation goes) does nothing more for me than reintroduce a fighting game from the stone age with some new bells and whistles and an online mode that the entire western world got shafted out of in the last upgrade. For some people this is just what they wanted so don't get me wrong; this truly is the best version of the game by a long shot. It's just that without the online feature it's simply a touched up rehash of a game that has been touched up and rehashed multiple times already. Personally I'd rather play something with new characters, new moves and new gameplay features. So I guess Street Fighter 4 is looking good huh?

Maybe if I had lived in the US at the time of the initial release and got on the tournament wagon back then it would be different. But now I just want the KOF remakes to make it here even more badly.
Edited by HexElf on 11. December 2008 13:05
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
I used my brother's credit card and now i can download game. I have mastercard my brother has visa.
I agree with most of what you say Hex. But being a big fan of SF2 Turbo, I'm fine with how it is, and I'm hoping that I'll play it against human opposition more than anything (won't play the CPU much once I have finished it with everyone and seen all the new endings). It's definitely a case of the emperors new clothes, but it's waht I expected really. Good review though btw! Smile

Zak: so glad you managed to get it! Thumbs Up

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